Exclusive succulents to grow at home

Common Glasswort

The pretty green succulent looks good enough to eat—because it is! It can be consumed like any other veggie, but it's especially tasty when pickled.

Snake Plant

Commonly called mother-in-law’s tongue or snake plant, there are approximately 70 species of Sansevieria. These nearly indestructible plants are often grown indoors and thrive on warmth and bright light, but some also tolerate low light & humidity.

Propeller Plant

The large, overlapping leaves of Crassula perfoliata are a striking feature of this two-foot tall native of South Africa.

The best succulents to grow at home

Zebra haworthia – The Zebra Plant

Indigenous to South Africa, the picture-perfect Zebra Haworthia or Zebra Plant uplifts any space in a pretty pot. Staying true to its name, this succulent exhibits stocky, dark jade leaves with horizontal white stripes, like a zebra pattern.

Moonstone Succulent

Appropriately named given its almost opalescent-looking hue (that can range from pink to blue!) and rounded, fleshy leaves, the moonstone succulent (Pachyphytum oviferum) is an adorable—and colorful—addition to any houseplant collection.

Ariocarpus Iloydii

This cultivar has fewer tubes, but they are fat, rounded at the apex, and very broad. It is quite a large tubercle compared to other species.

Useful succulents indoors care tips

Rotate Succulents Frequently

Succulents love direct sun, but if yours is sitting in the same exact spot day after day, it's likely that only one side is getting enough light.

As much light as possible

When succulents are indoors it’s often hard for them to get enough sunlight. Outdoors they generally need about 6 hours of bright, indirect sunlight each day.


Succulents do best in soil that doesn't hold water, and you can give that to 'em in three ways.

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Succulents love light and need about six hours of sun per day, depending on the type of succulent. Newly planted succulents can scorch in direct sunlight, so you may need to gradually introduce them to full sun exposure or provide shade with a sheer curtain.

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Haworthia is an elongated, fleshy rosette that resembles aloe. Wart-like bands of white on dark evergreen leaves give a mottled look to H. margaritifera, and a striped appearance to zebra plant, H. fasciata.

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Succulent also known as an indoor plant that adapted to dry environment and sandy soil condition. So, when you bring home a succulent you must re-create that environment and if not, your plant will struggle to survive.

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